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(Internet of Things)

What would happen if 'things' could talk...?


"I'm running hot and have excessive vibration... help!" - Pump 1

"I'm not cold anymore and your products will be damaged... do something!" - Freezer

"I'm ready for be planted!" - Your soil

"You're loosing product in blend room!" - Tank 101

"CO2 levels are high please advise everyone!" - Mechanical Room 5

"One of the team members is locked in a room at the back of the plant!" - Room 303



Industrial Internet of Things - Solutions for Industrial Process Automation

Industrial Process Automation environments incorporate a significant number of mechanical and electromechanical devices, each of which provides functions critical to the end result expected from the process.  Often these devices are in operation for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  The need for these devices to operate within certain tolerances is essential to the automated process with failure of a device often resulting in catastrophic failure of the process with loss of production for an unpredictable amount of time.  The collection of data trends associated with tolerances specific to any device provides the necessary platform for data analytics that can predict the probable failure of a device before a catastrophic failure occurs.  Similarly, the ability to monitor real time performance of applicable device tolerances and to alarm on out of tolerance conditions of devices provides a proactive maintenance environment that can improve the automated process by reducing or eliminating catastrophic events.   



CCS Internet of Things as a Service

Addressing the need to deploy technology that can sense these “out of tolerance” conditions with the ability to monitor the devices in order to alarm on faulty conditions involves:
Capital expenditure and technical resources to:

  • Install and calibrate the sensor devices

  • Connect to the network, 

  • Connect to a server associated with a backend program to gather and display the critical data in a usable format for your Operations personnel.  

Additional capabilities beyond sense and alarm functions requires the purchase or development of  additional software to further enhance the use of the gathered data and or the placement of data into the appropriate database for trend analysis is another costly expense. 

CCS can put this critical information at your fingertips. in the correct format, providing the necessary data, reporting, alarms, and alerts via desktop browser interface, or Android/iPhone app (included). Optional capabilities are available including :

  • Write Alarms and Alerts to selective PLCs for near real time action.  

  • Data transfer to your SCADA/HMI Historian database 

  • Sensor specific data information directly accessible from your SCADA/HMI 

The CCS  IIoTaaS program incorporates all the sensors, cellular gateways, cellular fees, installation at your facility as well as the reporting and notification software applications that include the following capabilities:

  • Trend Charts

  • Conditional Custom Alerts

  • Notify Contact List

  • Rules and Thresholds

  • Summary Reports

  • Corrective Action Reports

  • Regulatory Reports

  • Incident Reports

  • Predictive Reports

  • Integration with other Services

  • Email Alerts/Reports

  • Sensor Location Map

Our IIoTaaS program puts all this in your hands for the cost of an initial setup fee and then a small monthly fee for each sensor and gateway. The fees include all the hardware and software, monthly cellular fees,  and all installation costs to deploy, configure, train and support your onsite personnel.


Introductory deployment package

Our introductory deployment package includes a powerful vibration and temperature sensor with a magnetic base for an easy deployment on almost any portion of the industrial process subject to vibration and/or heat tolerances that can affect performance and possibly contribute to process failure or interruption.



CCS IIoTaaS can give you access to critical data that you could never access before.  Our totally wireless solution make deployment at your facility a snap.  You can have sensor(s) installed and feeding data to you and your staff in less than a day.  

For more information on how to bring these services to your Team, send us an email at, provide your contact information and our IIoTaaS team will contact you for further review of available services and associated costs.


645 Herndon Ave. Unit D Orlando FL 32803


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