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Technology is supposed to work for your organization, not against it. This is especially true within the complex environment that is the County Jail. Technology plays a critical role and should allow your team to easily and reliably use technology to complete their daily work in a safe, efficient, and effective manner with confidence. But every Jail, even the newest of facilities, have flaws in their technology evolution that support the day to day operations, including but not limited to existing access control, CCTV, intercom, alarm management, and related systems.

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CCS offers our JUMP (Jail Upgrade and Modernization Program) as a means to look at these technological components in a holistic manner to help your organization get out ahead of some of your more pressing operational issues. Utilizing a panoptic approach across your complete jail complex, CCS can compartmentalize the technological aspects of your organization along with the associated condition. Whether these operational issues have been brought on by aging or failing and/or obsolete facility security, automation/control equipment, and systems, or poor implementation and integration work, the JUMP process will identify the issues and the corresponding actions that could or should be taken.


The JUMP process is a collaborative effort wherein CCS comes into your facilities and works with your team to assess your existing facility’s operations and control systems and their current effectiveness for your organization. Once an assessment is complete, CCS provides a report to your team that prioritizes findings by degree of risk. CCS will also provide options to modernize, optimize, and/or upgrade your key facility automated operations and control systems and subsystems while leveraging your functional legacy equipment and infrastructure where appropriate. CCS will look at your unique requirements from a technological and operational perspective and working with your key personnel will fashion a set of open, standards-based solution options that address your most urgent needs in a cost-effective and forward-looking manner. This includes design, delivery, installation, integration, training, and ongoing support from a single source –CCS. This will allow your organization to benefit from near term corrective actions while laying the groundwork for ongoing improvements over time in an organized, planned, and budgeted manner based on a standardized environment that leaves the future in your control.


Improve the safety, security and operational aspects of your operation by addressing the effects of faulty and poorly configured operations and control systems on your critical functions within the jail complex. Leverage the CCS JUMP program with our CCS team and allow our team to work with you and your team to improve the operational environment within your facilities and contribute to a more robust, reliable and SAFE environment for every individual that passes through your facilities.

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